Michigan, vote your conscience

Back on July 20, Senator Ted Cruz stood before the RNC and urged the delegates and a national audience of Republican viewers to “vote your conscience” this November. He also asked Republicans to support candidates up and down the ballot who will be faithful to the Constitution.

Senator Cruz has since clarified his stance (#neverhillary) and is now making phone calls for Trump. Senator Cruz is free to do what he wants, and I’ll gladly put him in the pro-Trump crowd. That’s his legacy.

For Republicans in Michigan, I beseech you to follow Senator Cruz’s original advice. Vote your conscience, and support candidates who will be faithful to the Constitution. If you can vote for Trump with a clear conscience, then vote for Trump. However, if you have any doubts, you should not feel compelled to vote for Trump.

Many practical justifications have been given to vote for Trump. The chief among them is the potential appointments to the Supreme Court of the United States. The peer pressure is real, but it rests on a false premise. All of the practical justifications to vote for Trump may be true, but they don’t amount to a hill of beans if your state of residence is not competitive.

In 2012, Mitt Romney struggled to get within 10 percentage points of President Obama in Michigan. The current RCP average has Clinton +7, and the trend is not going Trump’s way. Crazy things can happen, but a Trump win in Michigan is highly unlikely.

Michigan Republicans, don’t be a cheap date. Vote for candidates worthy of your support—candidates who will defend the Constitution and who will govern well.

I really appreciated Nathaniel Peters’s post over at Public Discourse. Nathaniel puts this election in context.

Instead of jumping on the Trump bandwagon, those who care about conservative principles should take a higher road. They should bear witness to the truth instead of sacrificing it for political expediency.

If we focus only on the coming presidential election, there is much cause for despair. But one of the truths of conservatism is that there are greater things than elections. If we want to persuade people of our message, we should not entrust it to a man who is its negation.

In other words, this election isn’t a sufficient justification to kneel before Trump Tower. Vote your conscience. Life will go on.







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