It’s almost over.

Could Trump win Michigan? Could Trump win the presidency?

The answer to both questions could be yes. A month ago, I thought that there was basically no chance that Trump could win Michigan. Now, I’m not so sure. The Clinton-Weiner scandal and Trump’s relative message discipline, have caused the race to tighten. The parade of visits to the state by VIPs of both campaigns would indicate that Michigan is much more than an afterthought. Apparently, both Trump and Clinton will be in Michigan on Monday.

Michigan’s perceived competitiveness undercuts the main premise of my earlier argument. If Clinton had a 99% chance of winning Michigan, then there was no reason for conscientious voters to enter the lesser of two evils quagmire. Now that the race is much less certain, does my message change?


We have heard all of the arguments for supporting Trump over Clinton or Clinton over Trump. I completely understand “voting against” either of these candidates. Sadly, if you don’t vote third party, a vote against one dreadful candidate is still a vote for a dreadful candidate.

What is most troubling to me is that there are people who enthusiastically support either of these awful people. If you’re excited to vote for Trump or Clinton on Tuesday, then you’re not thinking carefully enough. The warts and flaws of both candidates should be obvious enough to even the most committed partisans. Given the weaknesses of both candidates, this is probably the least important presidential election of our lifetimes.

While I did consider supporting Gov. Johnson, I can’t bring myself to vote for a pro-choice candidate. Gov. Johnson has not done enough to overcome my disagreement with him on this essential issue. More generally, the Johnson-Weld ticket has fumbled an historic opportunity to put up some points for the Libertarian Party.

On Tuesday, I’m still voting my conscience. I plan to write in Evan McMullin for president. I fully support Evan’s mission to deny Clinton and Trump the necessary 270 electoral votes. I will be voting for Republicans down ballot because I still consider myself a Republican, but I am anxious about the direction of my party.

Thankfully, the 2016 election season is almost over. I’m preparing for President Clinton and divided government in D.C., which is to say more of the same. Politicians will not save us, so let’s get on with it.




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