Welcome to Wasteland: Christian, don’t despair

Infertility is a cruel banishment to a place far removed from the lushness of Eden. If you are in this wasteland, please know that I am here with you. Christian, don’t despair.


Welcome to Wasteland

Christian, I was very sorry to hear the news of your banishment from Eden. I’ve been in Wasteland for years, so I know what it’s like. The relocation is shocking at first, but I’ll do my best to make it easier for you. There is no use in suffering here alone.

The annual banishments are quite the spectacle. There are, of course, no births in Wasteland, so the annual banishments are our only chance to see new exiles. There seems to be a growing number of exiles each year. In fact, some people are requesting banishment to Wasteland.

Can you believe that, Christian, some people choose Wasteland over Eden!

The buildings in Wasteland are old. We just fix what we already have. There is nothing new here. The builders and architects either escape Wasteland or die quickly. Only the stoics can survive, and the stoics by nature don’t create much.

The weather is always the same in Wasteland. The rain is never enough to satisfy, and the sun is always hidden by the clouds. Avoid fights over resources. You’ll survive with what they give you. It’s pointless to stockpile anything.

Wasteland is a besieged city. The army of death surrounds us. The arrows from the enemy kill at random, but most of us just die as a result of old age or illness. We don’t bother with cemeteries because nobody from Eden or Wasteland visits dead exiles.

There are no mirrors in Wasteland. The army of death forbids them. There is no hope of seeing your reflection. Your likeness will perish with you, Christian.

I know that it is unpleasant to hear all of this, but you must know the truth. Eden is full of distractions, but we don’t have those in Wasteland. There are no mindless diversions. There is only existence.

You probably won’t escape Wasteland, but I sure hope that you do!

My wife and I had our shot of escaping Wasteland last year. We were told that if our escape was successful then we would have a fertile plot of land back in Eden where we could build a home and a future. We stopped attending the weekly stoic colloquia and allowed ourselves to dream and plan. We celebrated our hope.

We could see the sun through the clouds, Christian!

Unfortunately, our escape attempt failed. We fell off the wall and plummeted back down to the unforgiving ground of Wasteland. We seemingly can’t reverse our banishment.

Our fleeting hope changed us forever. There must be an explanation for why our escape attempt failed. I know it now. I believe that I was meant to stay in Wasteland to help you, Christian.

You must know that my wife and I have rejected the way of the stoics, and I encourage you to do the same. There is another option that is neither death nor defeat.

There is an old story that promises a future renewal for Wasteland. This renewal will be ushered in by a knight called Faithful and True. He is said to have an army stronger than the army of death. He will come with immense power to restore Wasteland and to make it like Eden. In fact, the renewal is supposedly even better than Eden itself.

I know that this is a crazy story, Christian, but wishing for the coming knight is my only comfort. Even if I die before the knight’s victory, it is said that he will restore me to new life in the renewal. The knight will restore everyone and everything that belongs to him.

The stoics laugh at me and urge me to believe in nothing but the cold reality of Wasteland. They take such offense at my belief in this old story.

The stoics should know that my belief in the knight and his renewal does nothing to change the reality of things. If I am wrong about the coming knight, we will all succumb to the army of death just the same. If I am right, I have all the gain!

There is a glimmer of light in Wasteland. I am so happy that I found you. Together, we can survive in exile.

I have to go now, but please visit me tomorrow. I want to show you our home. My wife and I have made it as nice as anything in Wasteland. We even have a little garden. It isn’t much, but it is a refreshing oasis compared to the bleak winter of Wasteland. In fact, our garden is the only source of new life inside Wasteland’s walls.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot to tell you the rest. This will certainly change your perspective on things. Eden itself is besieged by the army of death.

The army of death has pulled back and out of view, but the siege continues. There is no breaking it. Exiles and citizens of Eden share the same fate, Christian!

Life in Eden is beautiful and full of light. Citizens of Eden have a hard time believing in the knight and his renewal. They can’t see the army of death beyond their gates. We, on the other hand, know only existence and can see the army of death in plain view.

If the knight called Faithful and True is real, he will come first for his exiles.

Please don’t despair, Christian. I’m here with you. It is possible to have hope in Wasteland.

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