Mutual genetic property

I receive the magazine TYL from the American Bar Association. TYL is targeted to youngish lawyers. The Fall 2017 issue is focused on family topics. As one would expect, there is an article about millennials and egg freezing. This is a thing for trendy law firms and big businesses.

The motivation here is all well and good. As a society, however, we’re not thinking carefully enough about new technology. Do we even know what we’re doing? 

Consider this grotesque line from the article.

“And if you are going to freeze embryos that have been fertilized by a significant other—married or otherwise—make sure to contact a family law attorney who specializes in fertility agreements, as these things tend to get very messy when folks split up and do not agree on what to do with their mutual genetic property.”

“mutual genetic property”

Some family law attorney in Tampa is writing prenuptial agreements right now that read like this:

In the event of a divorce:

Husband is to receive the television and his cat named Sam or Sam’s replacement if Sam is deceased at the time of the divorce filing;

Wife is to receive all mutual genetic property and the 2010 Ford Taurus.

Lord, have mercy.

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