Who will notice the March massacre?

Civil society has an affirmative duty to protect human life. At the very least, we should do no harm to others. I am sympathetic to the proposition that human life begins at conception. Therefore, embryos should be protected. Even the life skeptics should have respect for the embryo’s potential.   

The very young and the very old require community support. We all agree that dependence doesn’t negate one’s humanity. It follows that human life must be protected whether or not it is dependent upon the care of others.

What if our support systems fail and thousands of human lives are extinguished? Shouldn’t that shock and scandalize us? Such an event occurred this month and nobody is talking about it.

Thousands of embryos were destroyed in March at two different fertility centers, one in Cleveland and one in San Francisco, effectively wiping out nurseries upon nurseries of our children. Temperature fluctuations destroyed the “tissue.” This is the precarious reality for the children on ice. Hope only in liquid nitrogen.   

Dependence does not negate humanity. There should be a steep cost for these failures.  The relative silence over the March massacre is frightening. Who is advocating for the lives of these little ones? Where is Right to Life?

Think of the parents affected by the March massacre. Fertility may no longer be an option. There is no suitable remedy for this loss. 

We must shake our pride. Frankly, we do not consistently protect life. We’re all over the place in terms of policy, and even pro-lifers are willing to cut corners.

The least we can do is notice the March massacre. Life is fragile. Don’t take it for granted.

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