My eccentric guide to Final Four rooting interests

If you’re here, you’re different. You will enjoy the most eccentric guide to Final Four rooting interests that you’ll see this week.

Let’s start from the top.

1. Villanova

Your college-hoops-loving hearts will be restless until they find rest in ‘Nova. Flee from your depraved loves, and root for the only Augustinian school in the Final Four.

St. Augustine > Jesuits > government schools.

Villanova is located in metro Philadelphia, which happens to be one of the essential cities in human history.

Jay Wright is a beautiful man.

For these three reasons, I will be rooting for ‘Nova. Here I stand.

2. Loyola University Chicago

Rooting for Loyola because of Sister Jean is much too ordinary for this list. The Society of Jesus is pretty cool too, but there is something more.

Ten years ago, the School of Law offered a scholarship to a history major at North Park University.  It would have been a fun ride, Loyola.

I remember hanging out with some College Republicans from Loyola at a GOP event in Chicago. They were fancy and funny. I was small town hick. A lot has changed since 2007.

Also, good luck, Drew Valentine.

3. Jayhawks

Free men and free soil. As you know, the Jayhawk name was assigned to the Kansas anti-slavery folks. Lawrence, where KU is located, was an important free-state city.

William Quantrill’s massacre in Lawrence was a particularly brutal event in the history of “Bloody Kansas.”  The people of Lawrence suffered greatly for their convictions.

Tyler, shouldn’t the team with Civil War connections be listed first in your eccentric list? No. I can’t bring myself to actually root for Bill Self’s squad. Bucknell forever.

4. Michigan

There were never wild wolverines in Michigan, and the Toledo War is significantly less exciting than the Civil War. So there is that.

I’m too close to Michigan to root strongly for them. My rooting for the in-state rival will NOT calm the obnoxious Michigan fans who never fail to comment on my MSU apparel or degree.

Michigan is playing really good basketball. They also had the easiest path to the Final Four (sum of opponents’ seeds is 36). Many good teams from major conferences would have beaten Michigan’s opponents.

Michigan beat Michigan State twice this season. If Michigan State wins one or both games, Michigan State would have a been a confident 2 seed heading into the tournament. Who knows what happens from there.

Add it up, and Michigan played a role in the too-soon termination of Tum Tum Nairn’s MSU career. If you believe in the little guy, it doesn’t get any better than Tum.  Also, Miles Bridges is on his way to the NBA. Sad face.

Winning the State of Michigan is a zero sum game. Help us Foster Loyer. You’re our only hope.

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