Step One: Nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett

What if:
  1. Trump nominates Amy “the dogma lives loudly within you” Coney Barrett knowing full well that the Senate will reject her.
  2. Democrat Senators say some really ignorant things about Catholicism, Christianity, or religion in general.
  3. Trump nominates a more conventional person (Kethledge or Kavanaugh) who is subsequently confirmed.
  4. All of us are forced to admit that we are fundamentally religious, that neutral secularism is a pretentious fiction, and that we should just be honest about our theology.
  5. Honest political parties form around core religious, philosophical, and political convictions.
  6. Newly created parties include: Christian Liberal Party, Christian Socialist Party, Agnostic Libertarian Party, Bernie Brand Socialist Party and Islamic Liberal Party.
  7. The unity presidential ticket of Ben Sasse and Tim Kaine sweeps the 2020 elections.
  8. Peace reigns for a season.

Mind Blown

Cover Photo by Claire Anderson on Unsplash

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