Grand Rapids is almost everything.

If you haven’t read George Will’s recent article about Justin Amash, you really should remedy that moral failing now. One of the best things Will does is provide some cultural background on MI-3.

In his article, Will notes that Trump isn’t our type. He’s right. Even my friends and family members who have and will again vote for President Trump are generally disgusted by Trump’s pettiness and chauvinism. They are more of the hold-one’s-nose-and-cast-a-private-vote variety. See alsoWhat Happened in Grand Rapids?

I’m generally over partisan politics because it is quite silly to argue with my neighbor about national political issues that neither of us will meaningfully impact, let alone resolve. This is realism, not nihilism. This is localism, not escapism. This is conservatism, not nationalism.

Yet, MI-3 is still a Republican-leaning district, and there are plenty of strong Trump supporters. The sadly misguided people running in the primary are preaching to that segment of the electorate.

Interestingly, had Hillary Clinton won a few more votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Justin Amash would have been a darling defender of all things good and true to the same Trump partisans who now label him worse than a traitor. This alternative reality almost certainly would have unfolded even as Justin himself would have continued to lament the partisanship and broken process in Congress.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I love living in Grand Rapids. We have NAPARC-member churches, food trucks, and, for now, Justin Amash.

2 thoughts on “Grand Rapids is almost everything.

  1. You know I was a strong supporter of JA for many years. I am acquainted with each member of his family (except his children.) I think you confuse “realism” with “idealism.” Justin is a dreamer – not a doer. Good intentions don’t make any progress unless the bigger picture – the end result – is achieved.
    You and Justin are the tail wagging the dog. T R U M P is on a path forward – you are a tick on his hind-side.


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