Charles E. Belknap: “The Pioneers’ Winter Food”

Charles E. Belknap’s book, The Yesterdays of Grand Rapids, is full of rich, historical vignettes. He provides glimpses of what life was like in Grand Rapids during the mid-nineteenth century. As you’ll read in the story below, storing food for the winter was a significant task, and running out of food was a real concern. Neighbors helped neighbors get through the barren months. Charity came “out of the cellar.”

As I look at the snow today, I can honestly say that I have given very little thought to my need for food. Freaky Fast! ® delivery is only a few clicks away.

The modern food industry is a great boost to our productivity, but that has its own problems. While survival and food for winter are far from my mind, I am left totally dependent on the work of others to make it through each day. My cellar is empty, and the rhythm of seedtime and harvest is gone.

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