No platform is righteous, no, not one

There is much ado about the socials in the wake of the election. The popular exodus from Facebook is the latest social rebellion. It would be fair to ask the question, What about that MLM business back in Egypt? But, I digress. 

For the record, I will continue to use Facebook and Twitter. I have not seen a compelling alternative, but I’m open to being a late bloomer if a popular rival emerges. I’m too old and ugly for video/photo-first platforms. Too much of my life is chronicled on Facebook to ditch it, and Twitter is too helpful as a source of news and lulz. 

Nevertheless, it is right and good to be skeptical of social media platforms. Depraved men and women like you and me created these things. The code is full of sin, and the content is full of sin. One could play a ten commandment violation bingo card with our news feeds. 

Social media platforms centralize human ambition and amplify our depravity. Instead of sinning privately against a neighbor by saying a harsh word or half-truth, we now sin in the same manner except publicly. 

There is no immaculate platform. All have been designed by someone or some team and restrict a user’s freedom in one way or another. For one, we can never punch that one Democrat/Republican/Libertarian/Socialist in the face; we have to resort to posting sassy gifs and angry face emojis as our palms sweat.

The only free-ish platform is a street corner, but opinions shouted from a street corner often fall on empty streets or distracted ears. There is a price to pay for an audience, which is what the existing socials provide so well. That organic genius that is Facebook was not built in a day. The conservative knows that a change in scenery is not synonymous with improvement. 

Even as I write this, I know that most of my social friends will not read this post or care about what I think on the matter. And that is perfectly fine! In general, we tend to talk too much. A wise man once said that it is better to lurk and be thought a fool than to post and erase all doubt. 

It’s human nature, not the platform. Godspeed, Indiana Jones.

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