Reformation Day Reads

I know that you’re going to be sitting around tonight wondering what to do in those anxious moments between ambushes by costumed raiding parties, so I have compiled a few Reformation Day Reads for your edification.

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It is always Reformation Day

At the time when divine truth lay buried under this vast and dense cloud of darkness; when religion was sullied by so many impious superstitions; when by horrid blasphemies the worship of God was corrupted, and his glory laid prostrate; when by a multitude of perverse opinions, the benefit of redemption was frustrated, and men, […]

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Longing for a Plymouth

The Pilgrims sold their worldly possessions to give the community, not just an individual or a family, a chance to live out their religious convictions together. Half of them died over the course of that first winter at Plymouth. That’s a staggering sacrifice.

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Tweeting synodically (cynically?)

As you may have heard, the RCA’s General Synod and the CRCNA’s Synod are in full swing. The RCA is meeting in Holland, Michigan at Hope College. The CRCNA is meeting in Palos Heights, Illinois at Trinity Christian College. Monday was a busy day for both synods. In fact, I expect proceedings to continue into […]

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