Give thanks!

Whether you recognize the sovereignty of God or not, you will feel a sense of gratitude when you survey all of the good things in your life: the smile of your child, your job that sustains, your loving wife, and your home with a multitude of comforts. All we can say is wow, thank you!

It’s almost over.

Michigan’s perceived competitiveness undercuts the main premise of my earlier argument. If Clinton had a 99% chance of winning Michigan, then there was no reason for conscientious voters to enter the lesser of two evils quagmire. Now that the race is much less certain, does my message change?

Preparing for Reformation 500

Reformation Day 2016 will mark the 499th anniversary of the unofficial start of the Reformation. This upcoming year is sure to be filled with excellent scholarship, writing, and reflection. I hope that all Christians, but especially Reformed Christians, use this milestone as an impetus to assess the health of our churches and denominations.

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