“We Don’t Know”

How does one cope with the haunting truth of “We Don’t Know”? In the song, hope provides the antidote. This point is reinforced in the music video when the protagonist “Hope” defeats “Lord Doom.”

But, hope in itself is vacuous. Is it just a cheerful emotion? No, it must be connected to some objective reality or being. In what do we hope?

Celebrate our national parks

I love the idea of preserving our natural and historical treasures for public benefit. Our national parks instill pride and foster community. I’m glad that we have the parks, and I would support even more funding to expand the museums, displays, and preservation efforts of our National Park Service. The federal government does all sorts of silly and harmful things, but spend money on national parks is not one them.

The allure of an old house

The simple truth is that we could never afford to replicate this house. We benefit greatly from the investments made by previous owners. We have inherited their blood, sweat, and tears. Eventually, new owners will inherit all of that plus our small contribution. Through good stewardship and creative vision, we will pass on a better house than the one we purchased. This is the beauty and allure of an old house.

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