Reformation Day Reads

I know that you’re going to be sitting around tonight wondering what to do in those anxious moments between ambushes by costumed raiding parties, so I have compiled a few Reformation Day Reads for your edification.

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A tribute to my brother

As I write this, it is still Hunter’s birthday, October 7. We have a few hours left. I have resisted returning to the family eulogy from Hunter’s memorial service, but it seems appropriate to post it today. You’ll find my notes below. I have added the few extemporaneous comments that were not in my original […]

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I see you.

A more insightful writer is only a few clicks away. A prettier face is only a swipe away. A happier family is only a scroll away. We are all in a battle against despair and loneliness. The least we can do is tell one another, “hey, I see you.”

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