Every new beginning

While I would not have said this about myself 10 years ago, I apparently am flexible and optimistic. I find joy in the toil of life (Ecc. 2 & 3) and in keeping on keeping on. Life is short, and what is better than being helpful and productive?

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James Garfield versus the slavers

I recently purchased The Early Life and Public Career of James A. Garfield from a used bookstore in Grand Rapids. Flipping through it, I found a fascinating story about James Garfield facing down slavers in Kentucky during the Civil War. Before you read the story, it’s helpful to get a little background. James Garfield was […]

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Celebrate our national parks

I love the idea of preserving our natural and historical treasures for public benefit. Our national parks instill pride and foster community. I’m glad that we have the parks, and I would support even more funding to expand the museums, displays, and preservation efforts of our National Park Service. The federal government does all sorts of silly and harmful things, but spend money on national parks is not one them.

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