It is always Reformation Day

At the time when divine truth lay buried under this vast and dense cloud of darkness; when religion was sullied by so many impious superstitions; when by horrid blasphemies the worship of God was corrupted, and his glory laid prostrate; when by a multitude of perverse opinions, the benefit of redemption was frustrated, and men, […]

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Preparing for Reformation 500

Reformation Day 2016 will mark the 499th anniversary of the unofficial start of the Reformation. This upcoming year is sure to be filled with excellent scholarship, writing, and reflection. I hope that all Christians, but especially Reformed Christians, use this milestone as an impetus to assess the health of our churches and denominations.

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Christians can’t hedge

I’m not tempted to jettison my faith and replace it with the latest flavor of the month or total despair. That’s simply not an option. What tempts me, and I suspect you as well, is a nagging and persistent desire to hedge my bets.

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