An extraordinary Mother’s Day

This is an extraordinary Mother’s Day. I am thinking about my mother this morning. This is her first Mother’s Day with a child in heaven. There won’t be a traditional family gathering today. Her mother is in a rest home that is prudently not allowing visitors. The 2020 versions of these special days are not flattering. 

However, the circumstances are just part of life. They do not prevent us from appreciating the good things that we have. As for me, one such obvious good is a loving mother. She works really hard. She always perseveres. She raised me in the faith.

More than Mother’s Day, this day is the Lord’s Day. Even as we consider earthly goods today, such as a family, and complain about the circumstances, such as pandemics and stay home orders, we look forward to a day when earthly goods will pass away. We all know that there is always something missing from the best of Mother’s Days.

In Christ, the sons of Gentiles are called the sons of Abraham. This is the promise for believers and their children. We have been adopted into a family that will not pass away. A family in which divorce, desertion, or death have no place. 

See also Son, honor thy father(s) and mother(s).

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