Freedom without end is confused

Modern man doesn’t know what freedom is, nor does he know what to do with it when he has it. If you survey the trending news stories, you’ll notice that our most contentious fights are caused by competing freedoms and confused ends.

With whom must religious adoption agencies work?

Georgia’s “Keep Faith in Adoption and Foster Care Act” is about freedom. On the one hand, Catholic and other faith-based adoption agencies are fighting for the freedom to do good, true, and beautiful work. On the other hand, same-sex couples view the bill as enacting state-sponsored discrimination that will limit their adoption options. Whose freedom will prevail?

What type of gun can I buy?

President Trump wants to take away the guns and to figure out the due process later. Also, it is totally cool for you to die for your country in an unconstitutional foreign war when you’re 18, but, uh, your dad is going to have to buy that hunting rifle, son. Is this about the freedom to feel safer?

May Jews circumcise their male children?

No circumcision in Iceland without informed consent. They’re actually debating that point. I didn’t consent to my baptism. Was that a battery committed with a foreign object?  I didn’t choose to be born either. I’m obviously living an illegitimate existence. Secularist contract theory language makes all of life sound ridiculous.

We wander around aimlessly because we left our maps in antiquity. At least, that’s what it looks like to the man with sense and a sense of direction.

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